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January 14, 2020 at (12:00 am EST)



Trapped in a deteriorating world of mystery, you must navigate a series of challenges and deadly puzzles while in pursuit of a mysterious figure that always seems to be one step ahead. Can you outwit this prison of shadows and survive long enough to find an answer to the madness? Or, will you fail and be consumed by the darkness?



Vile Matter is a psychological/horror adventure game that combines the challenges of the classic puzzle adventure with the fully interactive gameplay of the First-Person genre, taking gameplay beyond the typical point-and-click.


In Vile Matter, you will need to explore the environment and search for clues to help you to navigate a series of thought-provoking puzzles, all while pursuing a mysterious character that always seems to be one step ahead.

Vile Matter puts the game back in adventure game by giving the player full control over their character as they solve fully interactive 3D puzzles and navigate their way through a handful of unique set pieces that put the player on edge and bring this mysterious world to life.


Vile Matter was developed by Decoy Software, a one-man independent studio led by Joe Fatuch and located outside of Denver Colorado. This is Decoy Software’s debut title and their introduction to the world of game development. Not content with simple 2D prototypes that often fill the early developer landscape, Decoy decided to model a fully interactive 3D world that focused on gameplay over anything else. Tired of the cliché key and page hunts that currently litter the indie horror landscape, they instead looked back to the adventure puzzle games of their youth for inspiration. In their opinion, 2D adventure games have lacked the immersive gameplay of 3D and 3D horror games have lacked the thoughtfulness and depth of the 2D adventure game. Vile Matter is their attempt to combine these genres. 


In Vile Matter, the player is given full control from beginning to end and letters are only there to build the atmosphere and tell an intriguing story (collection not required). For Decoy, the gameplay was the absolute priority, believing that no game is worth playing if it isn’t fun to control. Decoy Software is hoping to scratch an unscratched itch and kick off a journey with Vile Matter that leads to even more promising and exciting adventures down the road.

Key Features

  • A tense and engaging atmosphere

  • Unique lighting mechanics that affect gameplay

  • Fully-interactive 3D puzzle systems

  • Engaging story

  • Beautifully crafted levels

  • Atmospheric sound design



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USD: $4.99, GBP: £3.86, EUR: €4.50, CAD: $6.63, RUB: ₽319.06

USD: $4.99, GBP: £3.86, EUR: €4.50, CAD: $6.63, RUB: ₽319.06

USD: $4.99, GBP: £3.86, EUR: €4.50, CAD: $6.63, RUB: ₽319.06








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